Jewelry Making Process
Customer Testimonials
Gabrielle, New York

It is the most beautiful of all my many is my favorite now! I am so thrilled that it was available in size 5.5,because it fits perfectly. I had bought this same ring for my sister's birthday a couple of months ago,and I knew that she would love it,and that I needed one for my birthday,too! As always,the quality is very high,the details and workmanship exquisite. Thank you,SWETELOVE for making stunning jewelry available to non-billionaires!

Leonel, Indiana

I want to start of by thanking SWETELOVE for providing a beautiful ring to present to my girlfriend. Giving this ring to my girlfriend meant a lot to me because it’s symbolizes the promise to my girlfriend that I want to be with her for the rest of my life. She is not only the perfect one for me but she is also just the best girlfriend any man could ever ask for and honestly to put this ring on her finger not only made me happy but also put an beautiful smile on my girls face, never seen her smile so hard before I gave her the ring and to see her smile like that brought tears to my eyes and I love her to death.

Kelsey, Tennessee

This ring is perfect. My husband thought that it looked fake. I took it to my sisters house for her opinion. I left it in the box with the tags still on, just in case. We compared it to her real 1 carat princess cut diamond and we couldn't see a difference. I took the tag off and started wearing the ring.

The ring passed the test.. The sparkle and clarity of this stone is beautiful. The setting is beautiful. It fits true to size.