Buying An Engagement Ring Online

Buying An Engagement Ring Online

How much should you REALLY spend on an engagement ring? You may have heard something about spending two or three months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring. And, yes, three months’ salary would certainly buy a beautiful ring—if you can afford it. But the truth is, an engagement ring is neither a necessity nor an investment. The last thing you want to bring to a new marriage is unnecessary debt and financial stress. Buying an engagement ring online that’s a way to help you save more money.

Buying An Engagement Ring Online

Is this a safe online shop?

Before you buy anything online, please make sure it's not a scam company and make sure it’s a safe online shop. You can read the shop information carefully or contact their customer service ask some questions.

Choosing the Style and Shape

With a variety of ring styles and sapphire shapes available, your choices are nearly limitless. Start by exploring popular styles to find the perfect aesthetic. In halo or classic engagement ring styles, multiple sapphires increase the ring's sparkle, while a single solitaire diamond ring radiates stunning elegance. Next, consider the center diamond. Choose from among the 10 most popular sapphire shapes, and use Swetelove stones quality ratings to refine your choice. You'll also want to consider the best type of precious metal for your ring. For starters, choose between white or yellow metal, and learn about the pros and cons of each metal type. Swetelove offers some two tone rings for you.

Buying An Engagement Ring Online

Measuring Your Partner’s Ring Size

Buying the correct ring size ensures your partner can wear her ring as soon as you propose. Ask a friend or family member to trace a ring she already owns, or use Swetelove’s ring sizing guide to ensure you get it right. With the correct ring size, you can rest assured that the ring you purchase will fit immediately. Find out how to measure ring size.

Paying For The Ring

Buying an engagement ring online often costs less than buying straight from a brick-and-mortar jewelry store. Fewer salespeople and more affordable overhead means you enjoy great savings without sacrificing quality. While the cultural standard dictates you spend up to two months of your salary on an engagement ring, we believe the amount you spend should be a deeply personal decision. Swetelove’s non-commissioned care representatives can help you select a stunning ring within any budget. And when you buy the ring that fits your budget and your love’s style, the only thing left is to ask is the big question. Within Swetelove’s carefully curated online selection, each engagement ring is handcrafted by a master jeweler to create an engagement gift as brilliant as your love.

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